The Slavonic Library (at the National Library) is a specialized library open for the public. It covers the field of Slavonic studies. It systematically complements, analyses, preserves and provides a public access to a collection of world Slavistic literature, especially from the fields of history, philology, and politology, together with a selection of original poetry and fiction of Slavonic nations. The Library provides library and information services covering the political, economic, and cultural life of Slavonic nations, their interrelations and their relations to other nations in the past and present. It processes and edits specialized bibliographies and publications in its field of interest. The Library collaborates with other Czech and foreign libraries and scientific entities specialized in Slavistics and with which it organizes seminars and conferences. It holds cultural events to promote its collection. In accordance with a decision by the International Committee of Slavists, the Slavonic Library has established a registration and processing centre for materials related to the International Congresses of Slavists.

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