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Reference Centre of the National Library - Gate to the World of Information
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OCLC FirstSearch Service
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Grant and project supported resources

The project for the Reference Centre of the National Library of the Czech Republic was accepted by the administration in 1997 and has been realised under difficult financial circumstances since 1998. The Centre was opened on trial basis in June 1999. In October of that year OSI - Network Library Programme Matching Funds accepted our project for equipping the Centre with computer technology. This project was realised during the year 2000. The completely equipped Reference Centre was open to the public on July 31, 2000. This project is followed by the project Reference Centre of the National Library of the Czech Republic - Gate to the World of Information. For the years 2000 to 2003 the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education financially supports it under its programme Information Resources for Research and Development (LI 2000).

This project - Reference Centre of the National Library of the Czech Republic - Gate to the World of Information aims to secure further development of the Reference Centre and to carry out its main mission, which is to facilitate services from local and remote resources to local and remote users alike. Under this project we plan completion of the infrastructure of the Reference Centre (HW and SW) and enhancement of basic information resources.
(World Bibliographies, World Bibliographical Archives, Patrologia Latina, Acta Sanctorum). The goal is the Reference Centre as a 'gate', which locally and through internet provides integrated access to primary, secondary and applied information resources to scientists and researchers in R&D.

OCLC FirstSearch Service
thanks to a long-term co-operation with OCLC the National Library as a leading member of the 'Association for Czech National Bibliography' receive an offer to make available in main Czech libraries OCLC FirstSearch.


The year 2000 may be characterised as a starting point in acquiring a growing number of information resources we can offer to our users. The library secured a financial support for several of its projects in the framework of the umbrella programme of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education called Information Resources for Research and Development
(LI 2000). Furthermore, the library takes part in other projects in this programme, for example as a participant in consortia licences. Due to this generous support we have dramatically increased our offer of primary (full text) and secondary electronic resources, which are available locally and on line in most of the National Library reading rooms.

Information resources available under the project 'Reference Centre of the National Library of the Czech Republic - Gate to the World of Information':

  • World Bibliographies contains titles from for the National Library point of view very important language groups and subject areas (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Latin, and music, maps and atlases) back to the 15th century. This collection has enhanced already a large set of national bibliographies in the National Library.
  • World Biographical Archives - impressive world-wide collection on microfiche with indexes online, on CD-ROM and in print
  • Patrologia Latina and Acta Sanctorum - designed for researchers interested in using early printed materials from the collections of the National Library and specialists cataloguing these materials

Information resources available under other projects:

  • OCLC FirstSearch Service - is one of the most important resources of its kind in the world. It combines the best from the union catalogues, ILL services, document delivery and electronic full text functions. It provides access to OCLC Online Union Catalogue, which contains 40 million bibliographic references from 11th century to date with locations in libraries around the world. It is the fundamental information resource for ILL services, thus enabling researchers and scientists in R&D in the Czech Republic to have a ready access to information in their field of inquiry. OCLC FirstSearch Service also provides access to ERIC (Educational Resource Information Centre), MEDLINE, H.W. Wilson Select full text and to other resources.
  • EBSCO - predominantly for social sciences and the humanities, economics and medicine with 3 500 full text titles of periodicals, newspapers and wire services, enhanced by over 1 300 full text reference publications
  • ProQuest 5000 - bibliographical references for close to 7 000 foreign language periodicals (4 000 with full text) in the area of medicine, social sciences and the humanities, business and applied sciences
  • Periodical Contents Index - abstracts of articles from social sciences journals since 1995, with supplementary PCI Fulltext
  • Web of Science - retrospective database going back to 1980 and containing bibliographic references with abstracts accessing Science Citation Index Expanded (5 600 titles), Social Science Citations Index (1 700 titles) and Arts and Humanities Citation Index (1 140 titles)
  • Biological Abstracts - the most important resource for biology and biomedicine. It is linked to the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic - Foreign Language Periodicals.
  • Springer Link - provides access to electronic version of journals published by Springer. Through this services users can browse 485 scientific journals in biology, chemistry, medicine, computer science, physics, mathematics, law and economics.
  • Consortium Elsevier Science - database ScienceDirect enables access to full text of cca 300 journals in chemistry, geology, biology and medicine

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