LPIS   Library Public Information Services Programme

Objectives of LPIS Programme

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LPIS 2 Vocational programme


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LPIS 6 Memoriae Mundi

LPIS 7 Kramerius

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LPIS 9 Union Catalogue

The basic objective of Library Public Information

Services Programme (LPIS) is innovation of public information services of libraries on the platform of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Library public services deal mainly with:

  • Provision of public access ICT sites with skilled assistance guaranteeing equal access to information sources and networks for all groups of citizens
  • Support for life-long education and meeting the cultural needs of citizens
  • Access to information from the public administration domain as stipulated by Free Access to Information Act No 106/1999 Coll.
  • Information supply supporting tourism, enterprise, legal conscience, independent decision, including provision of special library and information services to social and ethnic minorities
  • Information and document supply for research and development
  • Preservation of and access to the national cultural heritage enherited in library collections

Partial aims of LPIS Programme

  1. Providing acces to Internet through a residential public library for approx. 90 per cent of citizens of the Czech Republic by the way of establishing Internet connectivity of public libraries and supplying them with ICT equipment.
  2. Widening and improving quality of access to library collections and information sources in libraries in the Czech Republic regardless of their location for both local and remote users by the way of publishing library catalogues in the Internet environment.
  3. Providing for ready and effective searching capacity on availability of documents with libraries and information institutions on the territory of the Czech Republic, speeding up and improving quality of interlibrary lending and document supply with libraries in the Czech Republic.
  4. Extending offer of information services and sources provided on the ICT platform including exhancement of access capacity to paid information sources both domestic and foreign for purposes of education, use of entrepreneurs and for other activities.
  5. Establishing and bringing to operation digital library and archives that shall provide for preservation of and access to rare library documents for both specialised user groups and general public.
  6. Providing, by the way of digitation, for preservation of and general public access to rare library documents and other collections endangered by the decay and constituting important part of the national cultural heritage.
  7. Participating in UNESCO digitation programme Memory of the World, in the G7 states programme Bibliotheca universalis and realizing several of main activities of the current 5th EU framework programme in the field of the cultural heritage digital preservation and access.
  8. Training librarians from all types of libraries in ICT skills enabling them to provide for qualified assistance to all library users in utilising information sources and networks.
  9. Improving mutual cooperation of libraries in the field of information sources acquisition, processing and sharing.
  10. Rationalization of library collection processing in libraries in the Czech Republic by the way of shared cataloguing and reduction of the overall amount of primary cataloguing within both current and retrospective library collection processing.

The LPIS Programme is divided into nine cross-linked subprogrammes that meet the objectives set.

Number Programme
1. LPIS Programme Coordinating Centre
2. Vocational programme for librarians
3. Programme of development of public libraries information services centres - ICEKNI (LIBINCE)
4. Digital library and archives for library information services
5. The national programme of retrospective conversion of library catalogues in the Czech Republic - RETROKON (RETROCON)
6. The national programme of digital access to rare documents - Memoriae Mundi Series Bohemica
7. The national programme of microfilming and digital access to the documents endangered by deterioration of acid paper - Kramerius
8. Electronic information sources
9. The Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic - development and operation